DIY Facial At Home

I can’t think of a better way to spend my Saturday nights in during these miserable, wet, winter months than to treat myself to a DIY facial, a hot relaxing bath, and a gin and tonic or glass of wine depending on what floats your boat.

Key items you will need for this are:

  • Cleanser, toner and moisturiser suited to your skin type
  • Facial exfoliator
  • Facial sponges or cloth
  • Cotton pads
  • Face mask suited to your skin type
  • Hot bath with bath bomb (bath bomb is optional but highly recommend)
  • Book or a guided mediation or both
  • Drink of Choice

Not so essential items:

  • Lip scrub
  • Lip balm
  • Eye cream

Here are the products I used, I use a couple of different brands which is fine as I like to try different things, If you have everything from the same brand thats completely fine too. I love Liz Earl but recently discovered Yes to which is becoming a firm favourite of mine.

I have dry to combination skin, my nose always gets more oily through out the day.

  1. Ok to start, run your bath and throw in a bath bomb if you have one. While the bath is filling up remove any eye makeup with your eye makeup remover, gently rub down wards and out with a cotton pad. If you don’t have any on just skip this step.
  2. Cleanser – If you have makeup on do this step twice, the first time will help loosen makeup, oil and dirt and the second will makeup sure your face is properly cleansed. Use upward, circular motions and not downward, dragging motions, (this will make more sense when you try it both ways). Make sure to focus on the sides of the nostrils and chin where makeup, grease and dirt can be trapped.
  3. Rinse your face with warm water and pat dry, then take your facial exfoliator and with gentle upward, circular motions rub over your face. At this point you can also use your lips scrub and exfoliate your lips. Once you are satisfied soak your facial sponges or face cloth with warm water and gently wipe off the exfoliator.
  4. By this point your bath should be full enough, so apply your face mask and hop on in. Remember to follow the manufacturers instructions on how long to keep your mask on for, and chill. During this time I prefer to put on a guided meditation, something that lasts around the same time as my mask should be on for. Once the time is up, either peel off your mask or soak your facial sponges/cloth and gently wipe off.
  5. I spend the next 30 minutes reading a book or magazine.
  6. Once you get out the bath finish off by soaking a cotton pad in toner and patting it over your face, once you feel that soaking in apply your moisturiser, lip balm and eye cream.

You don’t necessarily have to have a bath for this but it makes the whole process be more relaxing and feel like a pamper session, I even light some scented candles or incense to help with the ambience. The steam from the bath will also help open your pores to make releasing dirt and oil easier.

Ta da and that’s your DIY home facial done. I hope you enjoy Xx

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