14 May 2017
C2 Rest Day Meal I love venison! so when I was given the all clear from my support hero that I could swap chicken for venison gram for gram I was thrilled. I like to keep my meals interesting as I get bored of chicken and beef, so if [...]
9 May 2017
I've just started cycle 3 of my 90 day SSS plan and thought I better update you on how cycle 2 went. Ok the plan lay out this time is quite a bit different from cycle 1, I still have to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a [...]
7 Apr 2017
C2 Rest Day Meal This is one of my cycle 2 recipes I created from my pic n mix options, so anyone on cycle 2 of the body coach this would be a rest day meal to have any time of the day. The portion sizes are based [...]
30 Mar 2017
Yay! I've done it, I've completed the final week of cycle 1 and I'm pretty pleased with the results. I have to say I started to get slightly bored with this cycle and the lack of carbs was really frustrating, so I'm glad it has come to an [...]
24 Mar 2017
Well I have made it through week 3... just! As I mentioned in last weeks post Cycle 1 Week 2 my third week was a bit all over the place I wasn't feeling too good, one because I ended up with a cold and two I was having a [...]
18 Mar 2017
Ok half way through week 3 and I still have not wrote about week 2! sorry this week has been a bit all over the place for me, but I can tell you all about that next week. Anyway week 2 was pretty good going, I finished up [...]
9 Mar 2017
As promised last week on my A New Me blog I am sharing with you my progress while on The Body Coach 90 Day SSS plan. I decided to re-evaluate my life to become a healthier me not just for my body but my mind and soul. I [...]
27 Feb 2017
This post is probably going to be one of the most personal things I have written but I think it's good for my development in becoming a better and happier person. Over the last year I’ve found myself become completely unmotivated, anxious, lost and to be quite honest [...]
24 Feb 2017
This week I turned 28... my how time flies! To celebrate my hubby (Callum) decided to treat me to a lovely birthday meal at Chaophraya in our hometown of Edinburgh. This is one of my favourite Thai restaurants and they never fail to impress on service, ambiance and [...]